Hi, this is Aziz, I am a photographer, I capture moments, happiness, life, actions, beauty and emotion! I smile a lot and I have white teeth 🙂
The whole world to me is very alive. All little growing things, even the rocks. I can’t look at a swell bit of grass and earth for instance without feeling the essential life, the things going on- within them, the same goes for a mountain or a bit of ocean, or a magnificent piece of old wood. Love taking pictures of people because with the results of that creative act! I can create an art.

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“Thank you for capturing our special day so beautifully with so much attention to detail, love u Aziz”

Alex Apostolou

“Motivated and dedicated are the key words i would describe Aziz as. A very talented photographer who i knew from the first moment i saw him that he would be perfect for capturing all the important moments from our wedding. I love his style because he is not afraid to experiment and try new things and has a very special and distinctive look and colour to his photos. Would i recommend? Off course that goes without saying. Aziz is sensitive to what needs to be captured throughout the day and stealthily appears to do so. I love this guy!!!!”

Savvas Njovu Christides

“Aziz Altaany, we would like to thank you for your wonderful work and making us so many wonderful memories and being such a professional !If we had to choose again I would go for you again ! We wish you all the best ! Helena and Stefanos ( Save the date 01.10.2016)”

Helena Georgiades

“If you are looking for the right photographer for your special day this is your man! Professional with great ideas and the outcome is absolutely brilliant! He will guide you through the whole process and will be by your side making sure everything is as requested. Also you can expect the best after service! Aziz you rock thank you so much for covering our special day the result is absolutely mind blowing! Marianna-Christodoulou xx”

Marianna Charalambous

“I remember driving away from church in a vintage convertible, I looked back and saw our photographer running behind us to take our last shot! That’s photography passion!”

Connie Constantinou



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